I'm sure I setup Email correctly but I get a "cannot communicate with server" error (e.g. Socket Error: 10051) when trying to send mail!

It's fairly common these days for major ISPs to block the outgoing email port, 25, also known as the SMTP post. ISPs do this as it makes it harder for spam to propagate on their networks.However, this stops you reaching your email server at your domain. You'll find that you can still receive email, but not send it.

The first thing to try is to use port 26 instead of port 25. In your Outlook Advanced Settings (or similar if you don't use Outlook) find where it sets the SMTP port as and change it to 26 (it's probably the only '25' anywhere in your settings).
The second possible fix (as some some ISP's now block port 26 as well) is to use your ISP's outgoing mail server. For instance, if your ISP was Internode, your outgoing email server would be "mail.internode.on.net" and many major ISPs follow a similar convention for naming their outgoing mail server.
If you're unsure, contact your ISP, or check their website.

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